Front Lines

Contributor Network

What is it?

The Front Lines Contributor Network is a group of passionate free thinkers and creators from across the American South. Possum Post is a playground for the collaborations and explorations that emerge from this decentralized collective. 

What's the point?

We collaborate with our fellows in far flung Southern cities and towns and across state lines to connect disparate voices and contribute to the evolution of the modern South. 

so is this a paid gig?

There is no pay structure for contributed content, and Possum Post generates no income. It exists only to curate and share a diversity of creative voices.

what kind of content?

Our editorial philosophy is that:

more art from more kinds of people means a better chance that we'll get to know each other better and not burn the whole place down;

our subjective experience as Southerners on the ground is vital.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Cal, Julian, and Holden

". . . to make that scratch, that undying mark on the blank face of the oblivion to which we are all doomed. . . ."

William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom!